Who Sang Holy War? Halgadom

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Release Date: 1999
length: 5:18
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A great day will rise for us and our kind
For some of us Walhalla will call, I hear it in my mind
Thor will be at our side, hear his thunder roar
Stand up and fight brave in the HOLY WAR!
Blond hair and blue eyes, which saw a lot of pain
The northern avenger will rise up, pure blood run through his veins
A thunderstorm our messenger, a sign of victory
You better believe, our people will be free

A HOLY WAR will rise
With hate in our eyes
The holy cross will burn
And I hope they'll learn
We aren't the slaves of god
I look to the sky and see thousands of angelwings
But now it rains fire, Surtur let's begin
Angel cries, fall to the ground, their wings are burning
There are voices all around, their eternal grave is calling
When the sun go down and the battle is over
We will rise our banner, and erect a new order
Not an order of submit, not an order of lies
The order of nature, the order of life

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  • 3 Wotans Krieger
  • 4 Wenn die Zeit Reif ist
  • 5 Halgadom (instrumental)
  • 6 Holy War
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  • Release information
    country(area): Germany
    script: Latin