Who Sang A Guide to the World's Most Fantastic Monster? Hallelujah the Hills

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-12
length: 2:05

The king rounded up all the insurgents
Listened closely to their gibberish
For some sign of an omen or portent
All night — all week
Soon he had collected all of their wisdom
Into a book he titled so
A Guide To The World’s Most Fantastic Monsters
And I read it searching for some new feeling but
The monster that you run from doesn’t exist

CD 1
  • 1 A Guide to the World's Most Fantastic Monster
  • 2 The Might Come Back Club
  • 3 Put the Gurus in Charge
  • 4 Blank Passports
  • 5 Allied Lions
  • 6 Oxus Pagoda
  • 7 Variations on the Grand National Championships
  • 8 Station
  • 9 The Echo Sequence
  • 10 Classic Tapes
  • 11 You Better Hope You (Die Before Me)
  • 12 It Carries Back
  • 13 Flight of the Paper Pilots