Who Sang Station? Hallelujah the Hills

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-12
length: 1:21

The subpoenas always came in unmarked cruisers
The fonts were bold and told us what to do
The schematics we stole were impossible to decipher
So let's go downtown and see this whole thing through

I would feel much better if this day had narration
While we're living out some archetype clean and blue
There are moments here that don't come from this station
There are lifetimes here repeated till they're true

CD 1
  • 1 A Guide to the World's Most Fantastic Monster
  • 2 The Might Come Back Club
  • 3 Put the Gurus in Charge
  • 4 Blank Passports
  • 5 Allied Lions
  • 6 Oxus Pagoda
  • 7 Variations on the Grand National Championships
  • 8 Station
  • 9 The Echo Sequence
  • 10 Classic Tapes
  • 11 You Better Hope You (Die Before Me)
  • 12 It Carries Back
  • 13 Flight of the Paper Pilots