Who Sang (the crux of the camera man)? Hallelujah the Hills

Release information
Release Date: 2007-6-5
length: 1:21

Here's the crux of the cameraman
Buried deep in his master plan
Here's a format becoming defunct
A bunch of tapes on a ship that sunk
Electric outlet in a public place
So new rappers get to show their face
If you're human and you're feeling displaced
We've got news for you

CD 1
  • 1 Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up)
  • 2 Wave Backwards to Massachusetts
  • 3 Hallelujah the Hills
  • 4 The House Is All Lit Up
  • 5 Raise the Flag of Your Sibling's Favorite Daydream
  • 6 (the crux of the camera man)
  • 7 Slow Motion Records Broken at Break Neck Speeds
  • 8 Effie's on the Other Side
  • 9 The Trap
  • 10 Teenage Synesthete
  • 11 It's All Been Downhill Since the Talkies Started to Sing
  • 12 To All My Scientist Colleagues I Bid You Farewell