Who Sang Drowned in Ashes? Halo of Shadows

Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-28
length: 5:09
From the tunnel of pain
Birth for a sick child
Unknown leaf
Of burned tree
Salt filled wounds
o*****ic pain
Unknown narcotic
Crawling in my veins
Like burned portrate
Drowned in the ashes
Dominated violated suffocated
Illuminated flame
Making a change
By mankind I am judged

Ashes fills my grave
Coffin shining silver
Ornamental crafts
Seals my unspeakable wrath

  • 1 Trapped in Infinity
  • 2 Whore
  • 3 Burn in Depths
  • 4 Manifesto
  • 5 Drowned in Ashes
  • 6 Ravenous Heart
  • 7 The Force Zero
  • 8 Follow and Fall
  • 9 Carved in Flesh
  • 10 Eyes of Faith