Who Sang Eyes of Faith? Halo of Shadows

Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-28
length: 4:53
How dreadful is human mind
How beauty controls the throne in stars
Grotesque faith of thousand lives
And in the end no one cares
Path of dreadlords leads to starlit gates
Behind that curtain rests the eyes of faith
Through havoc and destruction he shall die
He shall feel our undivine might
The son has awakened to lead us
He leads to the path of redemption
Cursed are those who oppose him
They shall be nailed to statues of their god
Crucified souls screaming
Screaming the heir to take his place

Dragon has awakened to fill the puzzle
The battle has begun
From the man may the anarchy run
Time to mould this new era and burn the heavens in the sun

  • 1 Trapped in Infinity
  • 2 Whore
  • 3 Burn in Depths
  • 4 Manifesto
  • 5 Drowned in Ashes
  • 6 Ravenous Heart
  • 7 The Force Zero
  • 8 Follow and Fall
  • 9 Carved in Flesh
  • 10 Eyes of Faith