Who Sang Follow and Fall? Halo of Shadows

Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-28
length: 5:02
In the name of love they kill
In the name of care they will
Puppeteer upon them playing his sick games
And in his name they live
I dream alone I dream
Inside my shell I dream of destruction
Destruction of beloved and kind
Destruction of whole mankind
He rules with terror called love
And like blinded they follow and fall
They will strip your mind and put you to the leash
Like a dog for their god to please

In his name like s****
By words of betrayal they touch
They'll rape your mind by playing their sick games
And in his name they f***

And I dream - dream of destruction
Dreams come true time to judge
The beloved and kind to crush

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  • 6 Ravenous Heart
  • 7 The Force Zero
  • 8 Follow and Fall
  • 9 Carved in Flesh
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