Who Sang The Force Zero? Halo of Shadows

Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-28
length: 5:23
Realise the importance of mechanical child
Absorb some light from her wounds
Travel with her to another dimension
Through gates of nine suns
Let go of your shell... and reach the stars
Feel my friend the power flowing through
Changing our state of mind with force zero
Till one drops and the rest are blind by force zero

Abominations of light populates our lands
Spreading disease through angel's hands
Carrying crucifixes nailed to skull
Be burned in flames eternal

  • 1 Trapped in Infinity
  • 2 Whore
  • 3 Burn in Depths
  • 4 Manifesto
  • 5 Drowned in Ashes
  • 6 Ravenous Heart
  • 7 The Force Zero
  • 8 Follow and Fall
  • 9 Carved in Flesh
  • 10 Eyes of Faith