Who Sang Breath Makes Smoke? Halou

Halou Halou cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-15
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Shoegaze/Trip Hop/Indie Rock/Ethereal
length: 2:58
Breath makes smoke
Air that smells like snow
Won't you ever come
As sun sets, trees make silhouettes
Then disappear from view

Night sounds heard
Between traffic bursts
Are growing louder now
I stare through the night for familiar headlights
But they never come

And it illustrates for me how very far I've come
It's not just my body I am trying to keep warm
And the stoplights turn
Just about three hundred times
And headlights shine on me
But none belong to you

CD 1
  • 1 Professional (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 2 It Will All Make Sense in the Morning
  • 3 Evensong (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 4 Eejit
  • 5 Breath Makes Smoke
  • 6 Seabright (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 7 Sneaky Creatures
  • 8 Any Bird That Dares to Fly
  • 9 Clipped (feat. Zoe Keating)
  • 10 Hollywood Ending (feat. Zoe Keating)
  • 11 Crumbs and Dust
  • 12 We Wear Strings
  • 13 Company
  • 14 Skimming