Who Sang We Wear Strings? Halou

Halou Halou cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-8-15
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Shoegaze/Trip Hop/Indie Rock/Ethereal
length: 3:45
Go back to move forward
You're not alone
We're dragging you along
Buy new ones and tie them on
We wear strings and we make them sing

Now strap these on
We're only pushing ourselves this far
As far as we want
We cannot rest!
We must progress!

And I beg "Sing for me! Sing for me!"
And they only vibrate for me
How I long for more skillful hands
With fingers that naturally do the dance
But you cannot intimidate me
Though you tie me up with all these strings
But I cannot breathe through these strings
No, I cannot breathe

You have to move forward.
We won't sit still
We expect the same of you
Buy new ones and tie them on

CD 1
  • 1 Professional (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 2 It Will All Make Sense in the Morning
  • 3 Evensong (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 4 Eejit
  • 5 Breath Makes Smoke
  • 6 Seabright (feat. Robin Guthrie)
  • 7 Sneaky Creatures
  • 8 Any Bird That Dares to Fly
  • 9 Clipped (feat. Zoe Keating)
  • 10 Hollywood Ending (feat. Zoe Keating)
  • 11 Crumbs and Dust
  • 12 We Wear Strings
  • 13 Company
  • 14 Skimming