Who Sang Shadows? HANA

HANA This Way cover art
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length: 4:20
you move slowly towards me
like a cold wind
you creep like nightfall
turning tomorrow into
shadows in the dark
'til nothing good remains

it's too much to forget now
it's too late to forgive
for the life you stole from me...
i've lost so much
in the vacuum of your hate
i'm left with only fear
and the memory of a life i'll never have...


(guitar solo)

CD 1
  • 1 Never Learned to Lie
  • 2 The Red Death Ball
  • 3 Need
  • 4 Rain
  • 5 This Way
  • 6 Not Worth Today
  • 7 Shadows
  • 8 Let Me Be
  • 9 Starting to Like This
  • 10 Lilly of the Lake
  • 11 Make You Hurt
  • 12 What Makes Things