Who Sang Carrie? Hanging by a Name

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 4:21
Carrie, underneath that mask, I know you hide all of the resentment that's inside buried by pride. And Carrie, did you ever guess one day you'd loose and there would be no one around to use your naked charm?

Like a gambler, you took your odds and you risked it all and bet on the wrong horse and now all illusions you built on air just went up in smoke and you have to bear that the more you aim high the more you loose when you don't take time to plan what you choose to do. Brace yourself and please do confess!
You thought you had it all worked out and you decided to impress.
Exploited every dirty trick and i admit it, with finesse.
Took out whomever in your way you thought that had to be suppressed.
Turned into actions what you planned the creed you deny to profess.
Betrayed into the hands of men, refused all efforts in your aid.
The more you sought to leave the ground, the more you found out that you weighed.
The lesser effort to perceive, the lesser chances to evade.
The ignorance you tried conceal was the pie thrown back to your face.

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