Who Sang Time to Die? Hank Williams III

Hank Williams III Ghost to a Ghost / Guttertown cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-9-6
length: 4:50

Sick in the eyes
Sick in the brain
I'm living to a voice
To kill my pain
Losing your mind
Playing their games
Who can drive..... insane

So tired, you're wired
And your lungs are in flame
Just give me one more ...
To ease the blood in my vein
Never look to rain
Or far ahead no more
I’m living day by day
Most of the time I feel like a whore
All dirty and ashamed well as far back as I can remember
All my heroes had trouble in their heights
Will it might have been drugs or it might been love
But they all knew it was time
To die!
Doing your time
Making you brave
I’m living to the foolest for the keen of...
The first one in here and last one out
And I’m living every day in ...

So tired you are
And your lungs in flame
Just give me one more ...
To ease the blood in my vein

CD 1
  • 1 Guttertown
  • 2 Day by Day
  • 3 Ridin' the Wave
  • 4 Dont Ya Wanna
  • 5 Ray Lawrence, Jr.
  • 6 The Devil's Movin' In
  • 7 Time to Die
  • 8 Trooper's Hollar
  • 9 Outlaw Convention
  • 10 Cunt of a Bitch
  • 11 Ghost to a Ghost
    CD 2
  • 1 Goin' to Guttertown
  • 2 Gutter Stomp
  • 3 The Dirt Road
  • 4 Musha's
  • 5 The Dream of Before
  • 6 Dyin' Day
  • 7 I Promised
  • 8 Chord of the Organ
  • 9 Move Them Songs
  • 10 The Low Line
  • 11 I'll Be Gone
  • 12 Trooper's Chaos
  • 13 Chaos Queen
  • 14 Thunderpain
  • 15 Fadin' Moon
  • 16 The Round
  • 17 I'll Save My Tears
  • 18 It's Goin Down
  • 19 With the Ship