127 Rose Avenue Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

Release information
Writer(s): Bud Mcguire, Kim Williams, Ray Hood
Release Date: 2009-6-16
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 4:09
Somewhere in the cradle of the deep south
Magnolias sway in the breeze
To the lonesome sound of a Red Boned Hound,
Howlin' at the moon and the trees.
There's a sad eyed boy, with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Wishin' on a falling star, at 127 Rose Avenue

The distant moan of a midnight train,
Comes blowin' through the night.
He dips his pen in tears and pain,
And he begins to write.
Bout a whippoorwill too blue to fly,
And the Indian he once knew.
Bout lost highways, and purple skies,
At 127 Rose Avenue.

Caretaker said as he shook his head,
"Son to you believe in Ghosts?
For a five dollar bill you can feel the chill
That he felt long ago."

So a I bought me a ticket at the front door,
Guess who was there inside.
I felt his presence through the whole tour,
God I swear, he was alive.
I saw the train, I felt the pain,
I heard him moanin' the blues.
Twenty-nine years of memories,
At 127 Rose Avenue.


Another side eyed boy with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Here I am wishin' on a falling star,
At 127 Rose Avenue

It ain't in Nashville
It's not in Montgomery

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