American Offline Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

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Writer(s): Thomas D Barnes, Tony Stampley
Release Date: 2003-11-18
length: 3:11
Three million megahertz, super-duper processors
Gotta two hundred gig harddrive
thirty-two inch screen and a scanner machine
Boy you wasting too much time
I say get out of that house
Pull away from that mouse
There's a mountain stream calling your name
Son you been missing
Some mighty good fishing
And a whole lot of better things

I'm an American offline
I'm into having a good time
It does you good to get some sunshine
Every once in a while
Get out and drive your '69
And sip some honky tonk wine
Hot women in the nighttime
I'm an American offline

I got a cabin in the country where I go sometimes
To clear my head and get away
Got my channel on TV, no laptop for me
Cold beer, smile on my face
Now take my advice
You better think twice
Before you turn that damn computer up
There's so much more to see than that old office routine
So forget all that logon stuff

Be an American offline
Go out and have yourself a good time
Now don't you think you need some sunshine
On that lily white business suit skin
Why don't you go and get a beach front room
Make some noise and wear your hat in the pool
Make some love in the day time
Be an American offline


Go and play that slide guitar
Check out those hot Atlanta bars
Meet some friends and make some homemade wine, til the sunshines
I'm an American offline

Process me baby
I'm an American offline

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