Homesick Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

Release information
Release Date: 1969
length: 2:24
Homesick and lonely I'm worried and blue
I want to see the baby and the baby's mama too
I'm so tired of roamin' I'm about to lose my mind
Homesick and lonesome for that gal of mine
Mean old trouble is all that I've known
I'm missing my honey and boys I'm going home
If she'll just let me tarry when I come draggin' in
You couldn't take a shotgun and run me off again
This old boy's got misery deep down in his soul
This old world's too big and this old world's too cold
I'll be ridin' that freight train when she comes down the tracks
And next time you see me leave I'll be flat on my back


I never knew a body could ever feel so low
I have often asked myself why did I ever go
I'm a headin' home and this time there I'm gonna park
And if she wants a new dog then I'm gonna learn to bark
Homesick and lonely...
Homesick and lonesome for that gal of mine

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