Something to Believe In Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

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Release information
Writer(s): Martin James F. Craft, Dana Mary Williams, Darren Richard Seltmann
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Southern Rock/Country
length: 4:10
There ain't too much chance for opportunity
In this town that I live in
And I don't know what I'm gonna do with me
And it's getting hard to contend
With the fact that I ain't going nowhere
If I don't get out of here
I need a change of luck and a pick-me-up
Something more than the bars and the beers

I need something to believe in
Something to look forward to
Something to believe in
Cause I got a bad case of the blues
Something to believe in
Something to make me feel right
Something to believe in
Is that asking too much out of life

Well I quit my job
And I'm leaving today
Cause two hundred a week, it don't make it
I got a ticket going to L.A.
And I'm hoping I can take it
Cause I got enough money for about a month before I'll be back on the bus
But I got faith in me and all new things I see
I just need a little good luck

Well I was getting down
Soon I'd have to leave town
And I was out walking the street
When I met a girl
By the burger world
And I was needing her company
By the way she was dressed
I knew what to expect
When we got to her motel room
Ah, but when she found out I came from her hometown
She starting crying and Lord I did too

I need something to believe in
Ah, baby something to look forward to
Ah, do you feel like I do
Something to believe in
She said please stay with me tonight
I want something to believe in
Just talk to me and hold me tight

She was just eighteen
And I couldn't believe
What had happen since she left home
I thought I had some pains
But it wasn't the same
As the hell she had known
So we packed our stuff
And we got on the bus
And now it's back to the same old grind
But if you could have seen
The way she looked at me
When she saw the city limit sign

We got something to believe in
Something to look forward to
Something to believe in
And I believe in me and you
Something to believe in
Holding each other tight
Something to believe in
That special something called being in love to get us by

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