Wandering Astray Lyrics - Hank Williams, Jr.

Release information
Release Date: 1967
length: 2:24
I'm going' back, back home real soon
I'm gonna see that gal, the one, the love's a true
I think about her and her lovin' ways
You know it keeps me from wanderin' astray

When you've been gone for a month or two
It's hard to keep your mind and yourself to you
I'd like to roll all night and all day
But our sweet love keeps me from wanderin' astray

If you got a good gal, one that loves you true
Don't you play around or this'll happen to you
You'll walk the floor and you'll moanin' say:
"I wish i've never had wandered astray!"

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as red blooded as you
But why take the chance to be alone and blue?
When I get home I like to hear her say:
"I love you Dear, I'll never wander astray!"

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