Who Sang Eternal Optimist? Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks Another Hostile Takeover cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-3-24
length: 3:30
I'm just like anyone
I dream of being someone
Fixed on growing young
Man, ain't it fun
I put up a real good front
- act real nonchalant
If i can't change the world
I'll change myself
In hope i still believe, if nothing else

In society so bleak
It feels good to be a freak
Unchained by your tv
No fear installed in me

I got the faith, eternal optimist
And i'm a brave eternal optimist
A fail-safe eternal optimist
Don't bail out on me

If i'm considered mad
It might just make me glad
Deviation here can't be too bad

You can't tell me that i can't
'cos i can do anything
Should i screw up, that's fine
I'll try again
Responsible, no guilt. i feel no shame

You can find someone to blame
For what's wrong in your brain
Deny your selfdeceit
You just ain't fooling me

I remain an eternal optimist
A better day eternal optimist
A fail-safe eternal optimist
Don't bail out on me

A true blue eternal optimist
A bona fide eternal optimist
A certified eternal optimist
So don't bail out on me

I'm a brave eternal optimist
I keep the faith, eternal optimist
A fail-safe eternal optimist
Don't ya bail out on me

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Back in Yer Face
  • 3 Insert I
  • 4 Hurt
  • 5 The Devil in You
  • 6 Love
  • 7 Talk to the Hand
  • 8 Eternal Optimist
  • 9 Insert II
  • 10 No Compromise, No Regrets
  • 11 Reggae Rocker
  • 12 You Make the Earth Move
  • 13 Insert III
  • 14 Better High
  • 15 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  • 16 Insert IV
  • 17 Center of My Universe
  • 18 Heaven Is Gonna Be Empty