Who Sang Reggae Rocker? Hanoi Rocks

Hanoi Rocks Another Hostile Takeover cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-3-24
length: 4:19
I'm-a-nevah evah gonna be-a-nothin' but a reggae rocker
A-24-7-365 and a day-a-reggae rocker
No one nevah evah gonna tell me how to be a reggae rocker
'cuz i'm-a-nevah evah gonna be-a-nothin' but a reggae rocker
Check out the dreadlock shocker
Roots-rasta meets rocker
Gonna do some world shakin'
Still ain't fakin'
Jump at the chance
A brand new dance we found
Go party down to the reggae-rocka-sound
If yer grumpy or funky
On yer back a big monkey
Feelin' ratty on the rag
Reggae rocka make you glad
People, keep on moving
Hit the dance floor!

I'm-a-nevah evah gonna...

Better say little, better say it well
All the phony politicians can go to hell
If they can't make peace,
They can't dig nothin'
Politics and rock don't mix
Cause they're-a-bluffin'
Gotta get my kicks,
It's a habit that sticks
Reggae rocker got the beats and styles,
The right licks
People, keep on groovin'
Let the groove roll on

I'm-a-nevah evah gonna...

Rising high, so high
Rising higher and higher than high
Rising high, so high
Rising higher and higher
And higher than high

Clap yer hands, clap yer hands...
Reggae rocker!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Back in Yer Face
  • 3 Insert I
  • 4 Hurt
  • 5 The Devil in You
  • 6 Love
  • 7 Talk to the Hand
  • 8 Eternal Optimist
  • 9 Insert II
  • 10 No Compromise, No Regrets
  • 11 Reggae Rocker
  • 12 You Make the Earth Move
  • 13 Insert III
  • 14 Better High
  • 15 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  • 16 Insert IV
  • 17 Center of My Universe
  • 18 Heaven Is Gonna Be Empty