Who Sang Teddy Bear? Hap Palmer

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length: 3:16
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Fuzzy soft and furry, that's my teddy bear
Born without a worry or care
Never in a hurry, rushing everywhere
When I want to play, Teddy's there

I love to rub his chubby tummy
And hug his roly-poly body
When Teddy cuddles close beside me
We always make each other happy
And when I toss him high above me
And catch him gently as a feather
I can almost hear his laughter
So glad that we can be together
When I get my toys out, Teddy always shares
Never fights or fusses "No fair!"
When my room's a clutter I know he won't care
Teddy bear's just glad to be there

Repeat Chorus:
Never whines or whimpers when he topples down
Teddy smiles and waits 'til he's found
I dust him off and hug him; he's not hurt at all
He's my bouncy little fuzz ball

Repeat Chorus:

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    script: Latin