Who Sang The First to Cry? Happy Rhodes

Release information
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic/Indie Rock/Neofolk
I have no heart it seems
When I need it, it leaves
And I haven't the courage to oblige

Why couldn't somebody cry for me
This time?
For I'm too frightened to reply

As were the days of yore
Mine are timeless

Why couldn't somone have patience for me?
Why couldn't someone be wise to my fears?
Tell me why couldn't sombody cry for me
This time?

And if I should die, who'll be the first to cry?

I have not the nerve to show anyone how I am
For I'd be misunderstood

Every time you're standing by my side
I'm stricken with undying fear inside

And if I choose to comply
Not one would wonder why would I
Who'll be the first to cry?

Song © 1986 - Happy Rhodes

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