Harem Scarem - Believe 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1997-5-25
length: 4:07
The premise of all our lives
You can't find your way
Out of this foreign abyss
To change the tides
Drowning in heartache
What feels like forever
When judgement will come
To temples I'll run for solace beyond our eyes
Now God thread the bait
Shackled and harnessed in faith
The stains have dried
Desperate and blindly
We trudge on forever
But I won't let you
You have to believe
The soul and the will live on
When all is gone
Your faith pulls you through
Don't wait for the moment
When time leaves no chances
Don't hold on to find out
Your tomorrows were sold out to
Save me from harm

CD 1
  • 1 Believe
  • 2 Die Off Hard
  • 3 Hail, Hail
  • 4 Staying Away
  • 5 Baby With a Nail Gun
  • 6 Morning Grey
  • 7 Victim of Fate
  • 8 Rain
  • 9 I Won't Be There
  • 10 Karma Cleansing