Who Sang Fall From Grace? Hartmann

Hartmann Balance cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-1
length: 5:10
It's been your own decision
Which side to choose
To help was my ambition
But you've refused
So many times that you've denied
My helping hand
And your world's so full of things
I just don't understand
Your soul is growing weaker
Your will just fades away
I see your heart is bleeding
Why do you throw it all to waste
Where is the strong believer
Where is your faith?
And who broke your heart to pieces?
Why did you lose and fall from grace?

Now the die is cast you can't turn it around
Train is running fast, you won't slow it down

So many times I've begged you
To change your ways
But no, nothing seems to stop you
To leave the maze
Oh, you're so close to madness
And I feel your inner fight
A frown so full of sadness
This desperation in your eyes

CD 1
  • 1 All My Life
  • 2 Like a River
  • 3 You Are the One
  • 4 Fool for You
  • 5 After the Love Has Gone
  • 6 Save Me
  • 7 Fall From Grace
  • 8 From a Star
  • 9 Dance on the Wire
  • 10 Shout
  • 11 Time to Face the Truth
  • 12 The Best Is Yet to Come