Who Sang Lament? Harvest

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Metalcore
length: 3:20
Now I know why some things never change. Just another foot in the door. Just another life of sorrow. Now I could lie and say he meant nothing. Persistence broke the silence. I've lost a friend. You had to die and leave the broken hearts that followed behind. I can't erase this face that brings me pain. I am in denial for in you was the vision of discipline, truth revealed. I won't let you fall away from my memories. The heart endures unyielding, the times with you won't fade. Burned by the sting of loss for someone so close. Afraid. Receive forgiveness. There's no one to blame. May you live on. No one believed that you held it inside. Blind is the fury that concealed your cries. May you live on. I try to erase this face that brings me pain and leaves me behind this wall, but I won't forget that part of you that would catch me when I'd fall. You will survive in my heart. Engraved in my mind. Doubt will persevere from the spirit that I may never find.

CD 1
  • 1 Denounce
  • 2 Maroon
  • 3 Lament
  • 4 Covenant
  • 5 Hourglass
  • 6 Flood
  • 7 Ahimsa
  • 8 Virtue
  • 9 Tribunal
  • 10 101