Who Sang This World? Havoc feat. Masspike Miles

Release information
Release Date: 2013-5-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 3:45
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I grew apart, from now I know how it goes
But baby it seems you chew a hole up my soul
This world
You know this **** that I hate
Just for me to get to this cake
Just tryna put some food on my plate
Hopin they don’t send me upstate

You know the hustle and the BMA
Just tryna fix me up a bigger plate
Whenever I did the homies ate
To being broke, I owe like a cold case
**** outta here, never took a hand out
Chasin for the cash Cal, make it til it’s tapped out
Had options, **** a tip, that route
Saliva drippin from they mouth, the wolves out
The hood cold like polar ice
*****s escape up out of jail, I’mma roll the dice
The judge going life
Mommy pray your first born make it home tonight
I hope the angel’s watchin over me
I’m in the trenches so I see what the soldiers see
Discombobulated bodies, the move is erratic
Not tryna make this a hobby


The life of a real *****
Life’s a ***** but I still break meals with er
Kill *****s straight til I’m in a different space
Guns come out, I don’t gotta relive the way
All the white kids had the stance with the lemonade
While lastly them *****s got locked and sent away
Gotta be a better way is what we said every day
****ed up when your dreams all let away
What don’t kill you it build you
And mold you bruck like the mell do
It get you to the point it make a real you
**** Kennedy fight, I want real food
It’s real with the steel through
All of a sudden now everybody feel you
Once didn’t have a voice, now they hear you
**** being loved, better when they fear you


I came from nothing to something
Can’t forgive where I came from
A hustler’s ambition
The good life’s my mission
I pray that I make it to see another day
Hungry for the money, I gotta get this cake
I pray that I don’t catch a case
In this cold world


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  • 4 Colder Days
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  • 6 Eyes Open
  • 7 Tell Me to My Face
  • 8 This World
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  • 12 Long Road (outro)
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  • Release information
    label: Nature Sounds
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 822720715824
    script: Latin