Who Sang What I Rep? Havoc feat. Sheek Louch

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Release Date: 2014-11-18
length: 2:32

[Hook: Prodigy]
Niggas that's against what I rep, got to war with
Niggas that's against what rep
Niggas that's against what I rep, go to war with
Niggas that's against what I rep

[Verse 1: Havoc]
Liquor in your face, word like truth serum
Ear plug where [?] can't hear him
Brave heart, never been a day that I fear em'
Enter two niggas every chance Imma' air em'
Quiet one, play the back, let ya'll yap
Thought it was all rap until his chain got yapped
You cats are soft, we ain't made like that
Made men, how did it get away like that?
I project strength, niggas can't get a red cent
Couple hot shells only thing I let
In the trench, shorty underneath we went
I don't play games Imma' leave that man bitten
With the dillie, go ahead nigga act silly
Wipe your feet off, fore' you step in my city
I'm in tune with, niggas that stand for what I stand for
If not, ya'll know it's motherfucking war

[Hook: x4]

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Yo, here's what I rep, that street shit
Use to all them cracks on the steps, that G shit
Use to be that ice cream man, that P shit
Until niggas started singing on the god, that Glee shit
Born alone, die alone nigga, no weak shit
Drop top, ante up playing M.O.P shit
Yankee hat, shades on nigga I don't see shit
Blue coupe, inside [?] that B shit
Sour water, that trippy stick nigga THC shit
Morning in the yard, pull up bars trying to stay fit
Gem star, spit it out the mouth, I don't play shit
Real niggas let that heat go, they don't say shit
Repping for the hood since the nigga was a team
D-BLOCK, now I'm with my niggas out in Queens, heat cock
Havoc point them out and Imma' pop
And we gonna keep getting money nigga, non-stop

[Hook: x4]

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    label: 4th & B’way
    country(area): France
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin