Who Sang Gettin' Mines? Havoc

Release information
Release Date: 2013-5-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 3:12
Yea… it’s about that time
Let’s do it

As the sun shinin on my face
I thank the higher power for another day
Try do it better than I did it yesterday
Tryin at the studios, stay above the fray
It’s a ill world that we live in, I’m a work in progress
Phase one executed, I’m out of the projects
You really take a fool to box this
I made this far, why would I defy logical?
What got me here won’t get me there
I’m focusin, I’m on my square
Put it on everything that I love
I would never aks, take mine some blood
They say a prophet loved everywhere but home
No wonder I’m so compelled to roam the globe
I’m outta here, success is the best revenge
That failure’s not an option, me and that will never play

[Chorus; x2]
Gotta get mines – **** how you feel about it
Gotta get mines – find now how this rooftop shouted
Gotta get mines – show the world that you bout it
Gotta get mines – from the top to bottom they’re crowded

They say great minds think alike
And two wrongs don’t make a right, make us even though
Life a *****, yea I put in the sleeper hold
Got me sayin **** is all good just a week ago
Try to park up the bullshit but the meter low
But the small talk, only tell you what you need to know
Not a follower so naturally I took the meter road
Let the haters hate, couldn’t wait to let them see me blow
Lookin now, can’t hold back ambition
Honesty, real faith and no *** kissin
I’m on a have mission, gotta have everything
That my heart desire on the bigger better things
I may control on my destiny
And never let the ****ery get the best of me
I’mma get mines regardless
I got it in my sight, I ain’t missin this target

[Chorus: x2]

Get yours *****
'Cause I’mma get mines
You know if I woulda ****in listened to conventional wisdom
How would a ***** know we’re out this *****?
Ya heard
We’re down in these trenches
Get it how you live *****
Live how you get it
Let’s go

CD 1
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  • 2 Favorite Rap Stars
  • 3 Life We Chose
  • 4 Colder Days
  • 5 Get Busy
  • 6 Eyes Open
  • 7 Tell Me to My Face
  • 8 This World
  • 9 Already Tomorrow
  • 10 Hear Dat
  • 11 Gettin' Mines
  • 12 Long Road (outro)
  • 13 Can't Sleep