Who Sang Flagwearing? He Said

Release information
Release Date: 1986-10-27
length: 5:39

I'm about to learn it
I'm coming and the closer within
Can I feel start, it want to
Fall down the bridge and back to shore

If port holes
A marvelous touch
Only a gentle to
Is a relief
A finger of

It leads to
It leads to
It leads to

More work than
It need to get around
Closer to you
To feel restored
And thoughts of a bridge
Back to the shore
Parts on hold
And the road leads to
Marvelous touch
Coming (?)over
Years of relief
A finger up points to the sky
Parts on hold
Pilots on board

CD 1
  • 1 Pump
  • 2 Shapes to Escape
  • 3 Kidnap Yourself
  • 4 I Fall Into Your Arms
  • 5 Only One I
  • 6 Com'Era Dov'Era
  • 7 Flagwearing
  • 8 Do You Mean That?
  • 9 Pump (instrumental)
  • 10 Pulling 3gs
  • 11 Pale Feet
  • 12 Only One I (II)
  • 13 To & Fro