Who Sang Out of the Blue? Head East

Head East US1 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 4:06
Out of the blue, I ran into you
Touchin' my head, you took command
Of all my dreams, your lovin' schemes
You captured my heart and that was the start

Out of the blue, I fell in love with you
Now you tell me that you, love me true
Your love has taken me, out of the blue

You made me see, oh it's so clear to me
Yes, you and me eternally
I hope we can stay, livin' this way
For it just isn't right, to argue and fight
All of the time, what's yours and mine
Runnin' this race, there's no time to waste


O-o-out of the blue, I fell for you oh
Somehow I knew, for me it was you
Now every night, your love's so right
I think it's wine, made me feel fine
When you touch me, you set me free

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