Who Sang Breathing? Headplate

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 3:35
I was seeking something clean and pure
and now i cant stop this heart for sure
the sad days are gone for me
you killed the pain and brought me back again
im looking out my window
everything is so different
its no longer grey and the rain is missing
you took my hand before i reached the bottom
and gave me something
i couldnt even dream of
you know i told you about my walls inside
well theyre gone and i know how you did it
want everyone to f****** read these lines
got the trip of my life dont want it to end
you broke the strongest walls inside me
for a time i felt so scared and weak
you showed me thrust and laughter
hoping to have this trip forever after
this time i will keep on breathing
my life got a whole new meaning
i wanna hear the clock tick for hours
the thing that makes me thick is ours

CD 1
  • 1 Jump the Bridge
  • 2 Step Back
  • 3 Delicate
  • 4 Fed Up
  • 5 Retina
  • 6 Free Fall
  • 7 Not the Same
  • 8 On My Own
  • 9 Nangijala
  • 10 Feel Like Porn
  • 11 Silk
  • 12 Mindworks
  • 13 Drifting Away
  • 14 Bullsized
  • 15 Breathing