Who Sang Start Over? Heather Williams

Heather Williams This Time Around cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-9-27
length: 3:04

Fell like a star right out of the sky
Shattered like all of my dreams
I thought I was holding the world in my hands
Until it brought me to my knees
But sometimes you’ve gotta be broken to see
That you’re not the one who knows what you need

Turn me around
Pick me up off this ground
I want a new story, one You write with Your hand
Help me start over, I wanna start over again
Now I can’t break down all the walls I’ve built
And I can’t heal my wounds
From so many years of running to everything else
Now I’m finally running to You (I'm Running)
Now I’m finally running to You

I wanna start over
With a new heart
Not guilty
Clean hands and
No regrets
This is page one, yeah this is mercy
That I can start over, I wanna start over again
I wanna start over again

Let me start over again

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