Who Sang Little Girl? Her Personal Pain

Her Personal Pain Songs from Cinema Café cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 5:31

Little girl in restaurant
Little girl downstairs
Outside a man is waiting
He knows she's there inside
Little girl downstairs
Little girl sits down
The man outside comes in
He knows the lock is open
Little girl can see him
Little girl's afraid
Man opens mouth and laughs
He knows that she is frightened
The numbing conscious facts
No! this isn't happening!
The numbing conscious facts
Doesn't anybody see?
The moment here is frozen
A chill is felt within
The scream rings out in silence
As her innocence is broken
A shadow came and took her
He knew just what to do
He stuck his weapon in her
Saying oh little pearly dirty girl

CD 1
  • 1 Touch
  • 2 Days in December
  • 3 Cinema Café
  • 4 Party
  • 5 The Goddess
  • 6 Love Is Clean
  • 7 Little Girl
  • 8 ..& One for the Band
  • 9 You Turn Me On
  • 10 This Red Feeling