Who Sang One City? Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean! Stop Looking Like Music cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 5:51

One city sleeps, though lights never cease
Astonishing me through clouds and over dreams

One city fades
For rent and maze
Through turbulent stages
One city unchanged

One city hears
It's children in tears
Babies shed tears falling from their first years

One city gone
From night that one charm
A love has been known, one city alone

One city rests with rain and lust on buildings and curbs
Well they screw without words
These people's lives
Cut with bad knives
But who is to blame for one city and place

Soul upon soul strive for this control
The buildings will break
They will find their escape from palms that sweat
Forgive not forget the fingers that bleed
One city in need

I close my eyes I try to sleep
But I just cannot seem to keep away the dreams
Exhausted words attempt to teach
Everyone seems out of reach
They do not hear me

They do not hear because they're weak
I know exactly where they've been and where that dead end street leads
I close my eyes and try to keep away from these tears, these fears
And get out of these lucid dreams

Wake up, look beyond the buildings that surround you
Way up, you will find a world that will astound you (x4)

CD 1
  • 1 Turn Up the Stars
  • 2 Eskimo Kisses
  • 3 One City
  • 4 So She Thinks
  • 5 Beg Your Pardon
  • 6 Warning
  • 7 The Beatboxer Who Broke My Heart
  • 8 Wise
  • 9 African Sky
  • 10 Madera
  • 11 Thank You Very Much
  • 12 Sun Is Almost Down