Who Sang Kid Gloves? Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta! Second Sight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-10-24
length: 4:09
When you come to, and kinda floating
The air is full, its like its holding you
Isn't it typical? Nobody's noticing
I left it moving in, I left it breathing
Isn't it beautiful? Here in the thick of it
To know that when you fall
You're just afraid to swim

Here it is
See the arches of pain
See the ocean of dust
See all the colors arranged
And hover over us?

But I go with a little kiss
Lifted into our beds
Didn't we see the dead
Before we turned our heads?

Here it is...
Its invisible..
There are no words for it..
I know you feel it, though

Feel it lifted up
Feel the waves come on
And every set of love
Suddenly move as one

We would deny so much
Of e'ry religion
Of all the saddest thing
I never understood

They took away my trust
Maybe I gave it up
Just to not (?)
Past here as I dropped the gloves

Yeah, but that was years ago
With so many miracles
Leaving with my added trust
Now I set a hope for dust
Now I sent it open up

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