Who Sang Brave? Heypenny

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This is a war fallout
Just show em what you got
I'll give it everything

The bright light's shakin
Wearin me down
Down, down, down

I see a smile on her face
And laughing in her eyes
Wasn't she wearing green?

It was quieter then
It's scaring me now

Oh, oh

I was one
Fragile as they come
I didn't see that, then

So sign me up mister
And sign me away

Oh, today
She wondered to her grave
What was he feelin then?

I was a tremblin in terror
On my last day
But i was brave!

Oh oh

  • 1 Dooley
  • 2 Parade
  • 3 Seems So Small
  • 4 Let It Rain
  • 5 Everything Is Brighter
  • 6 Secreterror
  • 7 Brave
  • 8 Walnut Street Bridge
  • 9 Radio
  • 10 Reprise

  • Release information
    script: Latin