Who Sang Cop Car? Heypenny

Release information
Release Date: 2011-2-22
length: 2:35

Somethin that I heard today saw ‘em up on the stage okay
Punkin & Rockin all alone did they say
Somethin in the way they did all of their musical ami-mid
Movin and slippin all across, the main stage
Well I fell I fell for it bad, but you should’ve seen their dad they
Cut the corners off and then they
Rolled that big ol’ box off the hill they really did it for real
And when it landed soft, they said, “Hey…”
I’m a COPCAR baby you are CANDY ANNIE
Uh uh don’t you dare do that
Uh uh I will rat-tat-tack
I will deliver you to my hands who
Wanna bang bang plain plain yellow apples from the tree
Look at me I am free to hit you
There was a crash and a bang he started havin some pain
He’s shakin everything, let him go
This jittery boy on display is just observing the play
And he can take command of the show…

  • 1 Purple Street
  • 2 Star For All The Kidz
  • 3 Parade
  • 4 You Shine
  • 5 Water
  • 6 Emperor's New Clothes
  • 7 Cop Car
  • 8 Ticket
  • 9 Pretty Day
  • 10 Angles and Arches
  • 11 Oh No
  • 12 Give Me The Ball
  • 13 Mr. Miller

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin