Who Sang Dooley? Heypenny

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John Dooley Malleyback Miller the Third
Nineteen and hadn't yet spoken a word
But let me speak a word in his defense
His life so drab that it made better sense
To hang his head down low
Nothing is exciting when you got no place to go
Everything's so bad
Even the tomatoes at the market look so sad

Opens his eyes, course it's raining again
C'mon Dooley, get out of bed if you can
Down to the laundry mat, don't make a sound
Just watch your clothes go around and around

All along the way
Dooley wondered, will he ever have one thing to say
Then he saw her there
She's getting closer as he floats right through the air
'You're preeeetty,' he said
Not going like he had planned in his head
She smiled as if she had seen him before
And as he's picking his clothes off the floor

She says 'What's your name?'
Crimey, can't believe it, he's about to go insane
Why's she look at me?
Dooley spins around and finds the door and he is free!
Hops on his moped and scurries away
But all he sees is her smiling face
'Just tell me, tell me, what is your name?
Tell me, tell me, oh'
Whips around, just look at him singing away
Dooley, sing it, yeah

Go, go moped, go
Gotta tell her something that i know she wants to know

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  • 2 Parade
  • 3 Seems So Small
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    script: Latin