Who Sang Everything Is Brighter? Heypenny

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She, could have been
Nothing more, than
A funny thought from
Time to time

And I would have been
Nothing more, than
The memory of just a boy
Trying and trying

String it all together, beat by beat
And hang it in the window, she and me
You wouldn't have expected it would shine

The colors coming out have surprised me
Blues have turned to yellow, what i mean
Is things have gotten brighter
With her by my side

I would have given a thousand dreams
In exchange for this one
Awakening light come from the sun
And wake me up eyes open up
This won't last very long, no~

Sleeping here a woman near to me
She is peaceful at rest
And this makes me happier than
A thousand scenes where blues and greens
Rise up and fall away, for here with me
This dreamer, she, has chosen loving me
And here I see

She says something small
To most its nonsense
But it'll make me laugh~ and laugh
'cus I think it's genius

So I couldn't help but fall
And I'm falling still, 'cus
I'm so happy~ now

Quiet in the night when all's asleep
No one knows how dear she is to me
I will hold her near when we're alone~

Faces touch together, hand in hand
We are but a spec in a giant land
Though no body sees it, and no body knows
Still I am


And everything is brighter!

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    script: Latin