Who Sang Introitus? Hidden in the Fog

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 0:55

Mirages Of Redemption
Inhale The System’s Perfide Emphasis…
Hallucinative Accretion Of Perverse Convulsions
Hypocrite Twists Costume Before The Naked Faces
The Charming Larghetto Clothes The Minds
Envenomed Speeches Paralyze!
Inhale The System’s Poisoned Education…
By Now Hysterically Maddening
The Fallen Fragments Of Our Civil Vanity
Forming A Relief Of Parasitic Society
While The Pendulum Remains Chaotic
Envenomed Speeches Hypnotize!
Popularized Ecstasies…
Polemic Permeabilities…

CD 1
  • 1 Introitus
  • 2 Mirages of Redemption
  • 3 Nautilus (Swimming Through Oblivion)
  • 4 Abstract Maelstrom Paragon
  • 5 Dignity's Fall