Who Sang All as Above So Below? Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics The Kitchen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-7-16
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:18
producer: Opio

[Sampled throughout]
All as above so below
Here's a little story I've got to tell

[Verse 1: Casual]
I was sitting on the 'cliner
Chilling at the rooster
Chiefing on some Cheech and Chong thinking about my thriller
Said take me to the killer
The movie was a thriller
Last night bootleg with the wife late at the villa
So I'm staying in y'all
You now how it is, nah
Tending to the kids, hoping that her friends call
Ready for some Madden
I'm four years deep in this franchise
I beat 'em by landslides with hands tied
Offline, online, going for mine
Sitting here watching this movie is a waste of my time
I told her, she said you're inconsiderate
Started hitting me with them lines that her friends would hit her with
"All you do is play Madden, smoke your weed"
I said a nigga like me is what a broke ho need
We started fighting, she went and grabbed her purse
Now it's Jamarcus, the poor that we doing for first

[Verse 2: Opio]
Someone's talking vanity
Eyes are at thelonia fan
I take it back like Kofa Vibe in the can
Damn, Billy D in a smoker's jacket
Before the teenage killer sprees from the loner slackers
Always in the roller rink watching the DJ
All her hoes dressed in pink, jocking the Stingray
'83 to be exact, two-toned silver and black
Corvette fresh off the show floor
Room wet as a newborn tooting his horn
About two in the morn, 'til the roosters is crowin'
You knew me growing up in Oakland truly informed
The ways of the world came to me in swarms
Porn fat ass jiggling make men fast
Jigging to their pockets and give out cash dividends
Magnificent, we act different because we that gifted
You pay a chick claiming that's pimping?
Tripping, see that's a dude getting prostituted
Sloppy with his loot, and you calling her an opportunist
These American women with their hair in extensions
Be aware of them simping

[Verse 3: Pep Love]
A playful day, April or May
When I was on my way to Monterey
I made a mistake
I'm riding on the interstate with a date
Looking like an entrée hot on the dinner plate
We chat about this and that
About sex and when was the last time you had it out-
Side what about the backseat of my ride
We can pull off the road, I bet it'll be alright
She laughed, we both laughed
Giggled and she quiet
Then she said the next exit is in a half of a mile
Maybe so, but I turned up the radio
Let it flowed over my head, damn that's a crazy ho
She couldn't really mean it
I kept on driving and diving
She seeming like she steaming
When we arrived at the hotel
She acting like she want to sleep, I'm like "Oh what the hell"
She said "you had your chance back on 101
And now you want to run your drag when the night is almost done"
Now I can hear her snore
My dick is getting sore
I had to order a flick to get it off

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