Who Sang Halo? Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics Full Circle cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 4:51
producer: Opio
vocal: Casual, Del the Funky Homosapien, Opio, Phesto, Tajai and A‐Plus
guitar: Eric McFaddin
keyboard: Opio
piano & bass guitar: Amp Fiddler
composer: A‐Plus, Del the Funky Homosapien, Opio, Phesto, Tajai, Casual

[Verse 1: Opio]
Each day a new step up the stairway to heaven
To get closer to god, I intersect with my brethren
Spirit is pure, I get a headache from Excedrin
Existentially essential
I send chills up your spine to your mind, baby girl
They say we worldwide
That’s not a lie to 83rd (ya heard?)
You’re at 1900
Did my first song as a youngin'
Shit was bumpin'
You ain't saying nothin'
We come a long way-
Ask my hombre
Even in Mexico they be like “there he go”
My rhymes is illegible but still legendary
And lines as impressions in time, you can’t compare me, no
My style is aboriginal, indigenous
Infinite, you digging this
Crush all digital worlds
With my evolution
Conflict climax resolution
Intricate, no illusions

[Verse 2: Phesto]
Phest[?] and Teflon it’s like DEFCON 4
War at the pentagon
But we kept on course
60 kilos in Tokyo and slept on the floor
At the train station, the promoter shagged us
Til we stole his passport and burned that shit in Melbourne, Australia
Put the towel by the door, lit the paraphernalia
Laced up the cables on the maplenut
Quarter tops popping butterscotch pale ale on ya
Your Champagne fairytale's a farce
You can't live in that fancy car when your advance is gone
I propose the score, what you think the dojo's for
Flows the core, make ‘em feel so secure
And my Connoisseurship sure hit
With a McCormick aimed at your orifice
While I sword fish on Hollywood to cordless
Paint portraits of polyphonic orchestras

Can I spell it out for ya let me put it in words
And go “I know, you can never step to this
As if y’all didn’t know
Y’all real but y’all ain’t spittin' tho
Now put your hands where your halo at
Put your hands where your halo at
Need to bust you some moves, cat, pick a verb
And go “Hiero- y’all can never step to this”

[Third Verse: Del]
Uh, ah, finally up in this bitch
All praise is due to most magnificent
I know
Told you all [?] to stick to the script
You read the end of the book
Before you got to know the characters
Cut the whole school year and
Try to snatch the teachers notes (ha!)
Now the heat of my speech scorch your soul
Before I reach your throat to speak a quote to misquote
Tropical scenes
Third optical scene
I was caught in between the plot and the scheme
But it worked in my favor
The perpetrator got lost in the dream
It didn’t cost me a thing that I could possibly think of
At the eleventh hour, where i could hear
Another's power getting louder
Stretching farther
Investing all up into what we aim to begin to begin new
With knowledge we gained from what we’ve been through

[Fourth Verse: A-Plus]
Non-traditional [?]
Charm your chicken to when you call she dissin’ you
I’m a cold man with a hot temper
Pot cripper overseas spot gripper
Hennessy rot liver
What you got, nigga?
Nothing for us
A-Plus, Superman, why you mad I’m crushing Lois?
Get the cold shoulder and some icy elbows
Hiero’s the reason on them nights when hell froze

[Fifth Verse: Tajai]
We gonna shake you down til your tims [?] your shell toes
Using our hymns we connect like an elbow
Elocute and elicit the illicit to any who listen
It’s recognition
This is what you missin’
Our expeditions is for expositions
An acquisition of extra riches
It’s big business and we been did this
Well shit, they know that, now put your hand where your halo at


CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Fantasy Island
  • 3 Powers That Be
  • 4 Make Your Move
  • 5 Shift Shape
  • 6 Classic
  • 7 Chicago
  • 8 Heatish
  • 9 Halo
  • 10 Love Flowin
  • 11 100,000 Indi
  • 12 Let It Roll
  • 13 Maggie May (R.I.P. Faith)
  • 14 Jingle Jangle
  • 15 Full Circle
  • 16 7 Sixes