Who Sang Love Flowin? Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics Full Circle cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:44
producer: Opio
vocal: Pep Love, A‐Plus, Opio and Casual
keyboard: Amp Fiddler

[Hook: Casual]
My niggas love flowing
My niggas love flowing
We in the club flowing
While you're dub blowing
So turn it up for me
So we can thug for 'em
And if it ever come down to push and shove for 'em
I got love for 'em
And we can weather the storm
Through every endeavor my niggas perform
Happy as ever, get it on

[Verse One: Casual]
Lick the meat off the bone, niggas is hungry
To get this money indeed these is big wishes
But we fo' that, but befo' that
Had bitches on the Kodak, but you know that
Go get a globe so I can show you where the O at
Got it on lock like a lowjack
Roll a philly up and peep the Topophilia
Now blow that

Slice ya like Sicilian mobster, where Op' at?
Right next to ya, building on concepts, we so phat
A pyramid to a sand castle
Busting caps and throwing rocks at the Navy Seals
Don't wanna fuck with Op' neither, I'm Saber Shield
Armored up from The Bay to Brazil
Ill from Syria to the 'Yay area
We clearly superior
Storm Trooper sniping ya without a rifle I'm searing you with lyrical
Hearing me? I'm hearing you
Scratch off your serial
Murder one material
Feel it in your soul cause it's spiritual


[Verse Two: A-Plus]
I cause a total eclipse, known to freak it
Haters wanna know the secret, hoes is frequent
Never is my dro depleted, bro ya tweeking
Run up in your church on weekends, scold the deacon
Hate it when a groupie go down and throw teeth in
Right on, stay up with the fo' sho' He Man

[Pep Love]
Mind your thought vehicles
Aura oracles
How the aura grows
You get more exposed
We do it how it's supposed
Super powerful Prose
Breaking it down for those
Negroes and all party people
Here we go I'm 'bout to shed my ego to the next sequel

Peep though
My kinetic is acidic
Can't go call a medic, you dead before I finished
You don't wanna scrimmage with Hieroglyphics higher vision
On a mission to free your mind prison but ya not listen
I'm in the square looking east for life
The beast in sight
Might be some beef tonight

[Pep Love]
We come swift like a thief in the night
To unsheath the knife but to believe in life
I love flowing because it keep my blood flowing
I live fo' it
I die fo' it
And I'mma bring the blood fo' it
Hold it, shape it, mold it
Put it on tape to make doe with


[Outro: Sway talking]

CD 1
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Fantasy Island
  • 3 Powers That Be
  • 4 Make Your Move
  • 5 Shift Shape
  • 6 Classic
  • 7 Chicago
  • 8 Heatish
  • 9 Halo
  • 10 Love Flowin
  • 11 100,000 Indi
  • 12 Let It Roll
  • 13 Maggie May (R.I.P. Faith)
  • 14 Jingle Jangle
  • 15 Full Circle
  • 16 7 Sixes

  • Release information
    label: Hieroglyphics Imperium
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 655323010924
    script: Latin