Who Sang Maggie May (R.I.P. Faith)? Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics Full Circle cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-7
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:48
producer: A‐Plus
vocal: A‐Plus, Del the Funky Homosapien, Opio and Phesto
composer: A‐Plus, Del the Funky Homosapien, Opio, Phesto

Maggie May, Maggie May
I thought about you on Saturday
Had more life to live but you passed way
She was beautiful but she lost her way
Maggie May, Maggie May
I thought about you on Saturday
Once was alive but she passed away
She was beautiful but she lost her way

[Verse 1]
One too many hard disks in the zip drive
Was the world just one rumor surrounding her
I heard she had a nervous breakdown and almost put eight rounds in her wig
I couldn't gauge her major malfunction
The world was her stage, at the age of 21, and it took a toll
Took a stroll down memory lane, she was looking old and her breath stunk
I couldn't hold a convo it was fresh form
It dawned on me she was swept up in the element
I said I'd catch up, but I thought it'd be a bit of a stretch
She'd end up sketched up on the cement

[Verse 2]
Her real name was Margaret, a teenage starlett
When she graduated high school, we shared an apartment
Don't try to start shit, cause that was my homegirl
Nigga was a starving artist, she paid the phone bill
Plus half the rent and never asked for shit
A real sharp cookie about life she was passionate
Niggas used to be like "I know you had to hit that"
Real talk she was my roommate and that was it

[Verse 3]
I remember when you packed your bags and split
She was a magnet for bad news expensive booze
Her tatoos were beautiful she made statues
Out of dudes when she moved with that catwalk strut
In high heel shoes ideals but you can tell she's behind the wheel
It's kinda real how time reveals
Trouble was easy to find for Maggie
Way before she ever copped her first dime baggie

[Verse 4]
Exactly, way before the athletes had names for her
She knew she was bad plus she had enormous breasts for them yes mam
Did was she said so powered like X plan
She was a Jets fan, me I'm with the Raiders
Got my season ticket's paid for, cause niggas would pay her
Money wasn't nothing, not like she was fuckin
She's used to suckin niggas for every last muffin
She used to do it for fun then more and less unintentional
Till she figured out the Xs and Os that the rest of the hoes was just extra
And she was the star of the show, the nectar

[Verse 5]
That's about as far as I can throw and then catch ya
Got involved probably for dough and I'm a bachelor
Told her she'd start out a ho and just practice
Now she wanna slide on a pole for satisfaction
Told her that ain't part of the goal a nigga after
Have more respect for your soul she started laughin
Gave her the keys to the globe she started attackin
My stable state of mind with minor setbacks and sexual advances
Thinkin it can't miss, but it can miss I'm original blackness
Can't be taken out the game with distractions
Misery love company, she bumpin 3 niggas at a time
Ignorant and blind, I'm envisioning a time when she learn to free her mind
Cause she acting fake now, drama queen having breakdown after breakdown
Nothing I can say now


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  • 2 Fantasy Island
  • 3 Powers That Be
  • 4 Make Your Move
  • 5 Shift Shape
  • 6 Classic
  • 7 Chicago
  • 8 Heatish
  • 9 Halo
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  • 11 100,000 Indi
  • 12 Let It Roll
  • 13 Maggie May (R.I.P. Faith)
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