Who Sang Nano Salt? Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics The Kitchen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-7-16
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:18
producer: Opio

[Verse 1: Opio]
I get mine, you bitches snore for slalom
Big blunts back-to-back, Corinthian columns
Just ask Skimp, he got a hole in the pena-joint
We got Sequoia style woods and they dipped in oil
Royal, flagged gold floating like a hydrofoil
Down the Tigris river for miles, it coils and curves
And oh boy got the nerve, absurd in his mind think he won't get served

[Verse 2: Tajai]
By the rhyme scintillating
Move like a chasing, quite titillating
You guys fugazi I'd stick to hating if I were you
Do what you do, your whole shtick power you
So stick to the rivers and roads
You niggas dove for the kids start the river it blows
You niggas don't got the jaw to withstand pitfall in quicksand
A savage gab that marges standards
Rap style is small you lavish and expansive
Grab me as you babble manhandle over the cancel
Tougher than cancer, rougher than dancer feet
Methodical, I master it

[Verse 3: Casual]
Ay, the flow in me, doo
All fall throwing berries in your Hembi route
You look back, "damn, Lias, they ran by us"
Didn't say deal wouldn't coming on the flier
Don't trip, I give a grip like hand pliers
Bloodsuckers hate my shine, they ran by us
Empires, the driest my raps recoil
Backwood blunts and flaxy royal
It's Hiero you better bet on us
A train with 20 rooms a rap and 6 floors of editors
I'm telling ya, you better get more competitors
We go in there's no when we pop up the form predators

[Verse 4: Del tha Funkee Homosapien]
Jealous of us? Fall back
You ain't all that, call that what you want
Have a tall glass of Haterade on the rocks
While Hiero spread like smallpox
We unorthodox jump off the jot
Numeric designations were placed on whoever hesitating
Next here 'vestigation to see why y'all lack application
I encapsulate aggravation, your antiquation cancellation
And you can't say shit, be quiet
We rob or breaking shit down in East Fiber
The quagmire, ask us to add fire
Strengthen you up on the embankment
Tanking, draw your weapon you trace it
My oil painting that's ever-changing
Colors of a Rubik's cube loopty-loop
Do hoops of producing Q, stupid fool

[Verse 5: Phesto Dee]
I be castrating MCs with a straight razor
Cause my styles cut mad straight in these large angles
Hard times is my star spangle
Hip-hop national anthem in my anthology Pantheon
Gargantuan, eat you and your man up
Like Magnus Prime, my mantel's hard, avant garde
With a mechanical advantage I'm failing for
Bet you get your can of loaf flight we ban 'em boy
Can't afford a bucket let alone Nantucket
We stuck with them tail tucker
You act luster, your Mac sluggish
I spark plug these chicks like hard drugs
And Bacardi dark rum in the party song

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