Who Sang Futilist's Lament? High Tide

High Tide Sea Shanties cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1969
length: 5:20

Up your exploitation to the mill
I can fly and I will
Kill your dreams of darkness now
Turn around
See me cryin'

Smell of burning flesh in the air
Screaming child must (?few/you?) stare
Frying slowly to the bone
When you're gone
Who'll be crying?

Mother Earth sees the bird
Shitting all over her
Vomiting their lies of truth
In her youth
She was smiling

Are you warm, are you clean?
Satisfied with your scene?
Positively where it's at
Growing fat
Off your brother

???, (?cease/sees?) my pain
Slowing down confusion in my brain
Only to be born again
As they pretend
I grow weary

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Futilist's Lament
  • 2 Death Warmed Up
  • 3 Pushed, but Not Forgotten
  • 4 Walking Down Their Outlook
  • 5 Missing Out
  • 6 Nowhere