Who Sang No More Heroes? Highlord

Highlord The Warning After cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 5:15

We aren't here to wipe the mediocrity away
Of this culture in which everything under the sun
Has already been thought and done, so it seems
And every living being has been somehow classified

Saving us from this crisis of the intellect
Would take a hero, sorry boy, but there are

No more heroes on the block
No heroes in town
There's not one damn hero left
That you can see around
No more heroes on the block
Ain't no heroes in town
There's not one damn hero left
That you can see around

Still I'm trying in vain again to
Arrange my own sweet chaos
Won't you touch my high-tech flesh
Won't you taste my high-tech blood?
I don't believe in anything, but you
Still believe in me
Tell me how can this ever be a fair exchange?

No more heroes...

And you will see for yourself
(No more heroes)
That we are one and the same
(No more heroes)
A circle that never ends
(Ain't no heroes left in town
Coming just in time)
Saving us from this crisis...

No more heroes, left in town
I said, no more heroes you can see around
Just human faults and a few cheap tricks
No more heroes, people, gather here!

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