Who Sang Tonightmare? Highlord

Highlord The Warning After cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 2:17

Come forth, my baby, my child, my little one
So many years have passed
You should have become a
Full grown man now
Oh my, oh my, it looks like something
Has gone bad here
Your life slipped out of your hands
While you kept on stepping on
The same wrong paths
Was that the fear of what you
Wanted to become?
Was that the sense of void when you realized
All your dreams had been dreamt
In vain? In vain...
But tonightmare all your biggest
Fears are becoming worse than true
Yes, tonightmare you'll realize there
Never is an escape
For the likes of you

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