Who Sang Never Give Up? Hillsong Kids

Hillsong Kids Jesus Is My Superhero cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 2:43
membranophone: Mike Klemetson
additional guitar family: Nigel Hendroff
conductor: David Wakerley
lead vocals: Andy Wallis, Sam Knock, Beci Wakerley, Anneka Kelly and Kirsty Thornthwaite
vocal: Esther Donnelly, Brittany Grey and Obi Ansah
additional keyboard: Craig Gower, Peter King and Gio Galanti
acoustic guitar: Sam Knock, Andy Wallis and Andrew Tennikoff
additional membranophone: Rolf Wam Fjell
additional: Erica Crocker, Kelista Puddle, Holly Dawson, Scott Haslem and Stephen Ollis
choir vocals: Hillsong Kids Choir
keyboard & piano: David Wakerley
electric guitar & acoustic guitar: Paul Peipman
bass guitar: Matt Tennikoff
chorus master: Kelista Puddle and Shez Fordham
writer: Brittany Grey
The rain may be falling and lightning fills the sky
But the sun is rising
God is on my side
The wind may blow around me and thunder may go boom
The clouds are disappearing
Your light is shining through
Never give up 'cause He's always there
Never give up anytime, anywhere
Never give up 'cause He's always there
Remember God is always by your side.

CD 1
  • 1 Superhero
  • 2 King of Majesty (Kids Version)
  • 3 I'm Really Happy
  • 4 Never Give Up
  • 5 Blessed (Kids Version)
  • 6 Oh How I Love You
  • 7 Anthem of Praise
  • 8 Alive
  • 9 You're The One
  • 10 Get Up And Dance
  • 11 Breathe
  • 12 Night Song
  • 13 Did You Know?
  • 14 Your Eyes
  • 15 Superhero ( Reprise )