Who Sang Halfway Home? Hind

Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-3
Genre: Jazz Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Vocal
length: 3:46
I kiss the sky, breath the air
I feel the wind through my hair
I kiss the ground before I walk home
I feel the sun on my skin

I'm halfway home
I'm never alone

Thousands of colours blind my eyes
I need to see the moon rise
I heart the chants, they wake me at night
They sooth my soul until daylight

It's so beautiful how the sea plays it game
It's so beautiful how the wind calls my name

I'm halfway home
I'm never alone

Qarieben se aakoenoe fi menzili (I'm halfway home)
Ômri me aakoenoe wahdi (I'm never alone)

CD 1
  • 1 Give Me a Sign
  • 2 Sweet Woman-Child
  • 3 Ya Wili
  • 4 Halfway Home
  • 5 Light of Love
  • 6 Love Is the Revolution
  • 7 Habbaytek Besaif
  • 8 What Is Love?
  • 9 Desert of Your Heart
  • 10 In the Distance
  • 11 Say a Word
  • 12 I'll Go On
  • 13 Ashamed